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Voting in municipal elections is possible with an identity card, no notification card is required

Published: 28.5.2021

Notifications from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency on the right to vote have not yet been received by all those entitled to vote. Users of the service only receive the notification electronically. However, votes can also be successfully cast without this notification.

The Central Election Board of the City of Vaasa emphasises that the voting rights notification card sent by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency does not have to be presented at the polling station, since election officials check a person’s voting rights.

At the polling station, a voter must present proof of identity. Proof of identity can be provided by a document with photo ID, such as a driving licence, or an identity card or passport issued by the police. Each person entitled to vote may, at their own discretion, vote in advance at any public advance polling station.

Home voting can still be ordered until 1 June

A person may vote in advance at home if their ability to move and function is restricted to such an extent that they cannot visit a national advance polling station or a polling station on election day without undue difficulty.

Home voting can be ordered in advance by 16:00 on Tuesday 1 June from or from the number 040 588 1808.

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