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Municipal elections 2021

Vaasa, as a municipality and a city, lays the foundation for a good, happy life. The municipality is made up of all of us and we all decide our affairs. Municipal elections are, above all, one of the most important forms of local democracy. In municipal elections, representatives are elected to municipal institutions, which decide on matters that affect the daily lives of us all. By voting you can have an influence on what happens here.

Make your voice heard!

55 councillors will be elected to the Vaasa City Council in the 2021 municipal elections. The term of office of the new council begins on 1 August 2021 and ends on 31 May 2025. The city council exercises the highest decision-making power in matters concerning the city. For example, you can vote on these things:

  • The city’s economic priorities and where tax money is being spent.
  • Climate change work and carbon neutrality.
  • Equal standards and unified services as well as the location and quantity of services.
  • Maintenance and construction of the city's streets, municipal engineering, parks and the environment.
  • The wellbeing of residents and how to support it.
  • The attractiveness and functionality of the city as a destination for students, work, tourism or investment.

Why vote?

In municipal elections, representatives are elected to the city council, which elects members to the city government and boards. By voting, you can influence many things that affect your daily life. Every Vaasa resident is an influencer, a user of services, an everyday expert. What is important for you?

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Voting and polling stations

Voting is a fundamental right for every adult citizen. You can vote either on the actual election day 13 June or in advance 26 May - 8 June.

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The persons nominated in the municipal elections, i.e. the candidates, are published by the Ministry of Justice Information and Result Service from 15 May 2021.

Information and Result Service

Election results

The results of the municipal elections are published by the Ministry of Justice Information and Result Service. The preliminary result of the election will be known on the evening of election day. The central election committee of the municipality confirms the result of the election in the municipality on the Wednesday following the election day.

Result Service



Online info 11 May: Municipal Elections 2021, Democracy and Participation

Online info session 11 May 16:30 - 18:00 on participatory democracy in Finland and the municipal elections in June.