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2/2022 Kestävä ja älykäs tulevaisuuden satama

Sustainable and Smart Port of the Future

The city of Vaasa has set an ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 202X (before 2030). The EU has also raised its 2030 climate target and committed to reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030. This is also related to the national climate-neutral Finland 2035 climate and energy strategy. The port of Vaasa plays a key role not only in terms of the city’s objective, but also in terms of the region’s industry in achieving carbon neutrality targets. The starting point of the project is to clarify the port’s ecosystem, the needs and requirements of its operators and the port’s role and opportunities in achieving carbon neutrality goals. The work seeks answers to such questions as how to integrate the port into an ecosystem that is developing in an increasingly carbon-neutral direction, for example in energy concepts and solutions. The nature of the project is roadmap work, and its goal is primarily to enable long-term and planned work for the pursuit of carbon neutrality in the ecosystem. The port ecosystem needs a strong, flexible basis for the development of the port’s services and the use of space to achieve its goals.

This project promotes the Vaasa Innovation ecosystem agreement.

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Development manger Tommi Tuominen