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Talent Coastline Employment

Need for the Talent Coastline Employment -project comes from the excellent employment situation in Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia. This is turn has created a situation which causes a lack of skilled employment preventing companies to grow. The Talent Coastline Ecosystem at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-Centre) has brought together actors in the ELY–Centre’s area to develop international recruitment as a tool for solving the lack of skilled employees. The regions of Ostrobothnia and Central Ostrobothnia both have strong international educational institutions in higher education and in vocational education. International talents graduating from these organizations are an asset to business life, although support regarding international HR, residence permits, language skills, marketing and especially attitude formation, is needed.
Almost all educational organizations in the area along with regional institutions and governmental organizations such
as ELY-Centre and TE-Office along with AVI are committed to the project. Development companies, Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurial Organizations have sent strong messages concerning the need for coordination concerning services and cooperation. Companies such as Wärtsilä and Barona operating in international operational
environments are committed to the project and bring along an important possibility for cooperation between the public and the private sector regarding recruitment and employment services. Third sector cooperation will be created with Erasmus Student Network and developed with Auroras-network in order to strengthen the project’s targets and to create downforce in the regions.
The project coordinator City of Vaasa has long term experience in offering immigrant services. This project will offer much needed support and possibilities to develop the services further. The City of Kokkola as a partner strengthens the cooperation between these cities and builds up joint travel to work area in the coastal Ostrobothnia.

The project consists of three entities: 1. STAY AND LIVE WITH US! 2. WORK WITH US! and 3. HELP FROM US! In each entity there are functions that are performed either by both regions or by one region alone, still keeping in mind that the results can be utilized in both regions. 1. Stay and Live with Us! concentrates on developing the participants’ language skills and strengthening their local networking knowledge. 2. Work with Us! focuses on supporting and developing international recruitment with aimed training for companies and communication strategies. 3. Help from Us! develops coordination with the help of service design among the official bodies as part of the information- and guidance services for international talents, and settling these services for the support of international recruitment at the local and regional level.

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