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lapset luistelee

Indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks

Ice Halls

  • Vaasan Sähkö Arena

    Rinnakkaisitie 1, Vaasa

    An exquisite setting for ice sports and events alike with four ice rinks beneath the same roof. Excellent venue for concerts, public events and workplace health promotion events and conferences.

    Vaasan Sähkö Arena was built in 1971 at the same location where a man-made ice rink was situated from 1967. It is the fifth oldest ice hall in Finland and it went through renovations and expansions in the 1980s and in 1999 and 2014. There are four ice rinks beneath the same roof: One ice rink for competitions and three practice rinks. It is also possible to play curling on one of the practice rinks. There are conference rooms, reservable restaurant and cafe services, lockers, gym and a gym hall at the Vaasan Sähkö Arena, all of which give something extra to the exercise routine. The renovated and extended main arena was opened in the end of 2020.


    +358 20 120 1700


  • Targahallen

    Idrottsvägen 4, Malax

    Targahallen - Targahalli

    A modern and multi functional ice hall in Malax


  • Hallis Ice Hall in Närpes

    Industrivägen 2, Närpes