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Advice and expertise

Do you need help with cultural matters – e.g. organizing cultural events, applying for grants or renting a stage? Please contact us, we are here to help!

Culture Services help people with culture-related issues. Whether you are an artist, a culture association, an event organizer or simply Joe Blogs, you can turn to us whenever you’re in a tight corner.

Do you need help, for example:

  1. With grant applications

    Where can I find information? What is a good application? What can I get from the city?

  2. Organizing events, permits and other things

    What permits are needed? What do I need to consider when organizing an event? Can I get a grant for the event? How do I market my event?

  3. Stages, tables and benches or technology for hire

    I need a sound system, where can I get one? Can you find a stage that can be moved? Are tables and chairs available?

  4. Finding suitable premises and renting our facilities

    Where could I organise my event? What facilities are available at Culture Services? What should I take into account when renting premises?

  5. How Cultural Services can work as a partner

    What can we do together? What kind of cooperation does Cultural Services already have in place? Can you help me out in my project?

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