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Wild Baltic Series Between Estonia and Finland photo Christoph Hauschild

Vaasa Wildlife Festival

Vaasa Wildlife Festival is an international nature film festival and it has been organized in Vaasa since 2002. Festival's themes are related to climate change, people's relationship with Nature and its conservation. Vaasa Wildlife festival 2020 dates are September 25-27.

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Festival day 25.9.

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Festival day 26.9.

Festival day 27.9.

Fest Hall, Culture House Fanny

Venue: Culture House Fanny

Venue: Draama Hall

Kvarken Archipelago is known for its De Geer moraine scenery.

Natural World Heritage Site Kvarken Archipelago

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Vasa Wildlife festival - Online program and films



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Nature films for Elderly

Autumn 2020


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Sustainability Week in Ostrobothnia



Aaltoja ja kiviä Merenkurkun saaristossa.

Vaasa Wildlife

Nature Film Festival Vaasa Wildlife has been organized every two years and it is an international film festival and competition. The first festival organized in 2002. During the festival years we have screened over 1300 nature films from 75 countries.

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Earth hour tonight at 20.30-21.30🌃🌍
27.03.2021 - 16:55


At the harbor today, checking out the ”icy road” to Sweden.
04.03.2021 - 18:49