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About Visit Vaasa

Visit Vaasa / Vaasa Region Tourism Ltd
Post address: PB 1003 65101 VAASA, Finland
Visit us: Vaasanpuistikko 12, Vaasa
Opening Hours

Phone: +358 40 123 8977, (+358 6 325 1145)
Group bookings:

Summer information point at Vaasa Market Square
Phone: +358 40 159 8012
Opening Hours

Vaasa Region Toursim Ltd. (Visit Vaasa) is a company owned by the cities of Vaasa and Närpes, as well as the municipalities of Korsholm, Laihia, Isokyrö, Malax, Korsnäs, and Vörå. The core of Visit Vaasa’s activities is to increase awareness and attractiveness of its owner cities and municipalities, develop tourist services and products for the entire region, market and sell them, and provide tourist information. Visit Vaasa also aims to increase the number of events and meetings held in the area, thereby promoting the sale and marketing of meeting venues both locally and nationally.

Visit Vaasa markets the Vaasa Region as a tourist, meeting, event, shopping, and nature travel destination both in Finland and abroad, with the goal of increasing tourist income in the region.

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