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Vaasa archipelago cruise

Before the cruise, a short guided walk around the revitalised Inner Harbour and surroundings. Cruise along narrow channels within Vaasa’s inner archipelago, passing idyllic summer cottages on islands large and small. Due to land uplift, the Kvarken Archipelago is one of the youngest landscapes in the world. The landscape is Vaasa archipelago cruise constantly changing: new stones rise from the sea and islands merge with the mainland.
At Janne’s Saloon, located on Granskär in Vaasa’s beautiful archipelago, we eat their delicious salmon soup before the boat takes us back to the Inner Harbour.
  • Season: May – September, (outside the regular cruise schedules)
  • Length: 3.5 hours
  • Group size: at least 20 people
  • Price 2023: Mon-Sat 64,50 €/person (Sun 74,50 €/person)
  • The price includes: guide service, cruise, lunch