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Success is based on cooperation between professionals

All events in Vaasa are organised with dedication. Success is guaranteed by Vaasanseudun Areenat, Visit Vaasa and Vaasan Sport. Event organisers will experience the seamless cooperation across organisational borders as concrete help and taking pleasure in the work.

In Ostrobothnia, people genuinely pull together: as soon as the contract with the event organiser is concluded with a handshake, all three background organisations are ready to roll up their sleeves and start working.

– We are special in that our communication works without a hitch and the threshold to help one another is very low, says Laila Schauman of Visit Vaasa.

The agile background organisations provide the event organisers with exactly the help they need, and no half-hearted bulk solutions.

– We have different concepts for various events, and we provide tailor-made support to each event. We are very good at that here in Vaasa, says Schauman proudly.

– All three of us have different contact networks and by pooling our resources, we can work in a very broad field, says Ari-Pekka Soini, event director at Vaasan Sport.

We have different concepts for various events, and we provide tailor-made support to each event. We are very good at that here in Vaasa.

Vaasan Sähkö Arena is administered by Vaasanseudun Areenat, Vaasan Sport is responsible for the arena facilities and restaurant services, and Visit Vaasa supports event organisers with ideas and concrete arrangements to the extent necessary.

– For example in arranging bus transport at short notice, if you happen to have forgotten that, says Schauman.

From voluntary work to experienced professionals’ help

These days, organising events is considered so challenging that not many organisations or associations dare take it on. However, this is a change of culture.

– In the old days, you could get everything done by volunteers, but such a spirit no longer exists in the same way, says Laila Schauman.

Pia Reini of Vaasanseudun Areenat mentions that preparations for concerts and sport events usually begin six months in advance, and large federation conferences require up to two years.

– We already have many bookings for 2022.

That’s why you must ask others to help well in advance.

– If you try to do everything yourself, the end result is often almost good but expensive, Schauman points out.

The mentality in Ostrobothnia is to do things properly and not cheat in any way. The result must be good.

Event organisers are lucky to have Pia Reini, Ari-Pekka Soini and Laila Schauman ready to help with everything, from the first ideas to final cleaning, and they will help as much as is needed. The trio organises events professionally, but they also want to do things well.

– The mentality in Ostrobothnia is to do things properly and not cheat in any way. The result must be good, says Laila Schauman.

Easy to arrive and enjoy yourself

In addition to the well-functioning background organisation, the services and affordable price level in Vaasa have been commended by visitors.

– It is possible to organise even a large event in Vaasa at a competitive price, without compromising quality, says Ari-Pekka Soini.

The new venue offers almost unlimited possibilities

Vaasa is an ideal venue for Nordic events in particular, as there is a convenient train service to the city centre, the airport is one of the busiest provincial airports in the country, and the ferry connection to Umeå in Sweden works well.

– Here, an international atmosphere and speaking several languages are a natural part of everyday life in Vaasa, Laila Snellman points out.

The modernised Vaasan Sähkö Arena fills the void in the auditorium services in the city: previously, there was the venue for 500 people at the university and Botniahalli for 5,000 people, but nothing in between. Now, the new Arena can be converted into an auditorium for 1,600 people without moving one chair.

– The new venue offers almost unlimited possibilities, says Ari-Pekka Soini.

– We now have an excellent setting for not only traditional music and trade fair events, but also for children’s events, various business meetings, exhibitions and for example international sports events.

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Vaasa as an event city

Vaasa is the second most international city in Finland and the region is the largest energy technology concentration in the Nordic countries. Personalised services combined with easy mobility create an unforgettable setting for organising events.

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Vaasan Sähkö Arena facilities – a versatile centre for experiences

Sports, concerts, cultural events, trade fairs, seminars and meetings – the recently renovated Vaasan Sähkö Arena is a versatile venue.

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