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Summer cafes in the Vaasa Region

The Vaasa region is full of sweet and lovely summer cafes! See the list of summer 2023 summer cafes here.

Many summer cafes are active on Facebook and we recommend checking their pages for the latest updates and opening hours.

  • Arvid summer cafe

    Haviståkersvägen 92-95, Vörå

    Vörånejden’s 4H runs a summer café at Rasmusbacken.


  • Café Kanttorila

    Merikaarrontie 5, Vähäkyrö

    A summer café has been opened in the 200 year old Kanttorila on Kirkonmäki in Vähäkyro. In Café Kanttorila you can enjoy coffee and coffee bread in a wonderful cultural surrounding, which among others hosts a home region and school museum. Nearby you will also find some signs of the area’s inhabitants during the Iron Age.

    Warmly Welcome!

    +358 40 578 4043


  • Summer cafe Älvboden

    Veikarsvägen 903, 66520 Veikars

    During the summer of 2023, you can visit Älvboden, a summer cafe and farm shop at Veikar’s school. The village association has employed 11 young people aged 14–17 who manage the business from coffee making and customer service to ice cream making and baking. The older youngsters teach the younger ones, and they take joint responsibility for the Älvboden. The ice cream has been named “the world’s best” by the visitors. In Älvboden, in addition to the ice cream and pastries made by the young people, there are also products from local producers for sale (e.g. vegetables, handicrafts, mushrooms, meat products).


  • Summer cafe in Jungsund

    Södersidsvägen 26, Jungsund

    The local heritage association will run a summer café in their old cottage, offering coffee, tea, soft drinks with something sweet to eat as well as ice cream.



  • Summer Cafe in Orisberg

    Åbergintie 38-88, Isokyrö

    At Orisberg’s holiday and course center you will find the idyllic summer cafe “Pappilan kahvila”

    Orisberg’s holiday and course center is beautifully situated in a culturally historic old manor environment.

    Opening hours will can be found via the cafées facebook-profile.


  • Pop Up Summer cafe Annikin Kammari

    Laihiantie 27, Laihia

    Pop Up summer cafe Annikin Kammari serves its guests coffee in the idyllic old fire station in Laihia.


  • Oravais Historiska förenings sommarkafé

    Slagfältsvägen 130, Oravais

    Experience Finlands history over a cup of coffee at our place in Oravais. 

    Take a look at the museum, visit the memorial site of the battle of and Lotta Svärd’s stone. You can take part of our history with all the senses.

    At the restaurant you can order splendid meals from a historical menu. Booking of the restaurant in advance is necessary!

    Bookings: Kenny Sundqvist, restaurant Ädelbragd & Quartermaster sergeant’s residence, +358(0)50 343 2642 



  • Tornikesäkahvila - Summer café

    Parkintie 3, Isokyrö

    Tornikahvila is a summer cafe next to the water tower in Tervajoki. The cafe is run by 3-5 young people from the local 4H association. The cafe is open for about a month in the summer.

  • Summer cafe - Tuuralan kyläkaffila

    Tuuralantie 322, Isokyrö

    Tuuralan kyläkahvila is a summer cafe in Isokyrö. Here, in addition to coffee and snacks, you can enjoy the view of the Kyrö river and for children there is also a play area and a pen with lambs next to the cafe.äkaffila-1881248908862528/

  • Waroon Tuvan Pop Up sommarcafé

    Oltermannintie 7, Isokyrö

    Waroon Tuvan Pop Up Sommarcafé opened its doors on June 27 next to the old dairy in Isokyrö.


  • Kolkin kartano's summer terrace

    Kolkin silta 61, Vaasa

    Welcome to our summer terrace. Open every day with weather reservation!

    Have something to eat from the terrace menu or maybe a cold drink, ice cream or coffee and a bun.


  • Strandhem sommarcafe

    Äggrundsvägen 272, Närpiö

    Visit us for lunch or coffee and a bun.