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  • Fänrik Ståhls Centre

    Slagfältsvägen 130, Oravainen

    +358 50 343 2642

  • Hägglund’s Photography Museum

    Lotlaxvägen 9, Vöyri

    Hägglundin valokuvamuseo

    Hägglund’s Photography Museum was inaugurated in 2000, and it is founded upon photographer Erik Hägglund’s studio. The wide collection of cameras and the studio’s equipment illustrate the history of photography from the 1910s to the present day.

    Erik Hägglund from Rökiö was interested in art already at an early age, and he travelled to Sweden to work as the apprentice of a painter. There he was employed in a studio and his interest in photography was aroused. When he returned to his home region, he established a modest studio in a stave shed in 1910. He constructed his first atelier camera himself and also painted the shooting background himself. Those are both displayed in the replica of the workshop built inside the museum.

  • Kimo Ironworks

    Bruksgatan 38, Kimo, Oravais

    Kimon Ruuki - Kimo Bruk

    The Kimo Ironworks is the only ironworks museum in Ostrobothnia. The three hundred years old art of forgery is being taught here by one generation to the next with the help of courses and all-day presentations. In the beautiful leafy landscape of dams, rapids and bridges one can explore epochs in history among the 18th century buildings, such as an ironworks estate, a steeple and the ruins of a tilt smithy.

    The museum is located in an iron magazine dating back to 1763. On display there are scale models of the 18th century Kimo ironworks and hammer smithy, atmospheric pictures depicting work on the ironworks, and diverse items and tools associated with processing of iron, such as a smith’s diploma from the Bergskollegiet school in Stockholm, and tomb crosses forged by smiths, including also their own ones.

    +358 40 045 5080


  • Klemets Houses

    Kärklaxvägen 308, 66640 Maksamaa


    The idyllic courtyard milieu of the Klemets Houses is in many ways unique. No other group of houses built in a similar way has survived in the county. Here can as well be found a versatile selection of exhibitions, such as a textile exhibition, a harmonium museum, a motorcycle exhibition and everyday items associated with peasant life. The atmosphere of the early 20th century can also be sensed in the café, which has been elegantly furnished with 1940s functionalism style furniture.

    The idyllic courtyard milieu of the Klemets Houses is unique in a number of ways. No other group of houses built in a similar way has survived in the country. Here can as well be found a versatile selection of exhibitions, such as a textile exhibition, a harmonium museum, a Sunday school museum and everyday items associated with peasant life. The atmosphere of the early 20th century can also be sensed in the café, which has been elegantly furnished with 1940s functionalism style furniture.

    +358 40 667 9879


  • Maxmo church

    Maxmovägen 274, Maksamaa

    In Maxmo situated church was built in year 1852 and the bell tower was part of an old church which situated in this place in the 18th century.

    +358 6 345 0023

  • Myrbergsgården

    Bertby-Lålaxvägen 18, Vörå

    Myrbergsgården Vöyri

    In the Myrbergsgården museum the visitor can get acquainted with the peasant way of life in the old times as well as with one of the finest garment and textile collections in the municipality. In one of the houses across the yard can be seen a unique gathering of beautifully painted church sleighs, which the people of the house used in order to get to the church on Sundays.

    The Myrbergsgården museum area in Vörå nowadays consists of around 17 buildings, which have been relocated on the region from different villages in Vörå. In addition to the agrarian house here can be found for instance a functioning smithy and a windmill. To the museum also belongs a loan grain magazine from the year 1753, which is among the three first ones in Ostrobothnia.

    The museum’s textile collection is one of the finest in the municipality and it comprises of approximately 6 000 various textiles.

    +358 50 468 5542,+358 50 5721827

  • Nature trails and hiking routs in the Vaasa Region

  • Oravais church

    Thorsbacken, 14, Oravainen

    Church of Oravainen was built between 1796-97 and it was designed by a famous church builder Jacob Rijf.

    +358 385 0011

  • Rejpelt Fädernegård

    Rejpletvägen 363, Vörå

    Rekipellon - Rejplet Fädernegård

    On the Rejpelt Fädernegården the visitor gets an idea about country life at the end of the 19th century. The cabin’s interior, which is typical for the period, offers the framework for exploring local historical items. The girls’ barn with its colourful textiles is also truly worth a visit. In the proximity of the museum is the Munter’s soldier cottage, which is connected to The Tales of Ensign Ståhl.

    Fädernegården is a typical Ostrobothnian double cabin, built in 1852. The house was relocated on the area in the 1950s and the museum area has been constructed on the model of a peasant house with its lofts and barns. All of the museum’s buildings originate from Rejpelt, except for the windmill, which has been transferred from Korsnäs.

  • The gems of the archipelago

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa


    One of the Kvarken’s specialties is definitely the De Geer moraines, or washboard moraines, that form clear streaks in the scenery. You can see these formations best from the observation tower Saltkaret or along the Bodvattnet nature trail.

    Is it difficult to choose which place to visit in the Kvarken? Here is some tips of the archipelago’s gems for you!


  • The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site

    Merenkurkun saaristo

    Saaristo ilmakuva

    The unique Kvarken Archipelago is Finland’s only Natural World Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Together with Sweden’s High Coast, the Kvarken Archipelago is the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift phenomenon caused by the last Ice Age.

    +358 50 346 6200


  • The outer archipelago


    Merenkurkun ulkosaaret ovat karuja mutta kauniita.

    Thousands unique islands are full of contrasts: smooth rocks, rough rocky grounds, lush forests and bays. Many light houses and maritime pilot stations remind of the old days. Nowadays the outer islands have summer cottages and many of these are former fishermen’s huts. The Kvarken Archipelago is home also for numerous birds who are also one of the Kvarken’s sights.

    During the summers, you can get to Mickelsörarna or Valsörarna islands via World Heritage cruises, where the guides reveal the islands’ many stories. Also many of the archipelago’s entrepreneurs offer boat trips to the outer archipelago.  you have your own boat, we recommend landing in for example Molpehällorna’s or Fäliskäret’s guest harbours.

    Read more about the outer archipelago and its islands!

  • Tottesund mansion

    Tottesund 529, Maxmo

    Tottesund Mansion is a beautiful and historical location which is a great fit for different events. The atmosphere and the closeness to nature makes your stay memorable. The traditions of Tottesund Mansion go all the way back to the 17th century. Earlier it has been used as an estate for military officers, and today it is used as an office building. There’s a possibility for quided tours in July.

    Connected to the Tottesund Mansion is Herrgårdsleden (the mansion trail), an approximately 4 km long hiking trail along which there are several picnic areas, as well as a barbeque hut with a fireplace. A walk close to water.

    In the mansion there are several exhibitions: the Jäger Movement, the weapons smuggling with Equity, Sibelius wedding, a miniature of the area in the middle of the 1800s among others.

    The Tottesund Mansion can be booked for groups (min. 10 people), weddings, birthday parties, graduations parties, course days, field days, and more.

    We offer coffee with cake, meals, recreational activities, and guided tours. We customize your experience according to your wishes.

    Our own activities during the year are e.g., mansion brunches, historical dinners, theatres, ghost walks, family days, guided tours. Follow us on social media.

    Only a 30-minute drive from Vaasa.

    +358 40 1896 882


  • Verner Rasmus Museum

    Haviståkersvägen 92, Vörå

    Verner Rasmus museum

    The Verner Rasmus Museum is an exceptional museum with a unique collection of porcelain artefacts. The museum is a versatile visiting destination with its fascinating combination of peasant furniture, agriculture equipment and books.

    Verner Rasmus was a peasant, who lived in Vörå during the years 1901-1988. He dwelled on his homestead Arvidsgården together with his three siblings, Viktor, Arvid and Aina. The main building of Arvidsgården dates back to 1913. Verner lived in Vörå all his life except for the few years (1927-1931) he spent in Canada. He made his living by farming, but he was also an amateur musician, tinkerer, painter and collector.

  • Vitmossen, Bronze age domicile

    Kimovägen 105, Vöyri

  • Vörå church

    Bertby-Lålaxintie 10, Vöyri

    The oldest wooden church, that is still beeing used, in Finland. The church was built in 1626 and the bell tower in 1702.

    +358 6 384 4300