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Toilets, water points and waste management at the event

The Night of the Arts encourages everyone to behave responsibly both during and outside the event! Please take care of good hygiene and take your rubbish to the bin.

Bajamaja toilets, water points and recycling points have been set up near the venues.

Toilet facilities: ( Bajamaja)
1 Bajamaja in the park area of the Vaasa church.
2 in the parking lot of the Kasarmi area
Water points:
1 outside the Proosa of the Vaasa City Library (water tap)
1 next to the artificial turf in the Kasarmi area (water tank)
1 at the market square (Summer Water)
1 on the Summer walking street (temporary water point)
Recycling points:
2 in different parts of the Vaasa market square
1 on the summer walking street
1 behind the statue of Topelius
1 in the parking lot of the Kasarmi area
1 in the courtyard of Rockwerstas