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Ambition for saving the world

In Vaasa, people of all ages are taught to think about our environment and youngsters already adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle from kindergarten age. Local universities, energy technology companies and other organisations intensively work together to create a more sustainable tomorrow. Our solutions for electricity distribution, living and transportation have been able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. However, development work in Vaasa does not end after a few success stories; many more innovative ideas are still to come.

We wake up every morning to save the world

  • Vaasa aims to be a carbon neutral city by 2035.
  • Vaasa is one of the most sustainable cities in Finland.
  • Vaasa’s unique expertise in energy technology is widely utilised since emission reduction and energy efficiency are considered in all the city’s decision-making.
  • Vaasa’s biogas bus project is the first of its kind in Finland and replaces 280,000 litres of fossil fuel every year

Vaasa takes part in the world’s energy efficiency drives

Vaasa is committed to several international, national and regional projects and agreements promoting energy efficiency.

  • European Union climate and energy agreement
  • Energy efficiency agreement
  • Energy and climate programme