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Data protection at Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK

We at Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK collect our client's data in the client resource management system on clients approval. The data is collected and registered for taking care of customer relationship and targeting the marketing about our service offerings.

The data register can be used for managing, taking care of, maintaining and developing the customer relationship between the customer and VASEK and (auxiliary business name) the Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia, which operates in connection with VASEK, as well as for targeting, producing, offering and developing services, conducting analyses and market research and other statistical purposes.

The data in the register can be used for marketing (incl. electronic direct marketing) between VASEK and the customer and for targeting the marketing to the extent permitted by law. The customer has the right to opt out of direct marketing.

The data register may include the following information on the customers and service users of VASEK and Startia:

  • contact information
  • nationality and preferred language
  • information on the client’s business venture and business idea
  • background information on the client’s education and work experience
  • the key contents of meetings and other communications,
  • reports provided by a businessadvisor
  • direct marketing opt-in and opt-out information, as well as the publishing prohibition of any directory information

Please, familiarize yourself with our data file description at

We are committed to making sure that appropriate measures are taken to keep our customers’ personal data safe. Our technical, administrative and physical processes are designed to protect personal data from being lost or being accessed, disclosed, used, changed or destroyed accidentally, illegally or without permission.

Although we take care to protect our systems, we cannot guarantee that an Internet page, computer system or the transfer of data via the Internet or some other public network is 100% safe.