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Strategy process

Strategy process

The strategic process starts with involvement. The process involves elected representatives, leading officials of various industries and the members of the personnel alike. Continuous reacting and adaptation of work also belong to the strategic process.

  1. Autumn 2020

    Strategy planning for the period 2022–2025

  2. February 2021

    Working the strategy scenario

  3. August 2021

    The city’s steering committee started their strategy work in June 2021, and the industry-specific steering committees started theirs in August 2021. Furthermore, a survey questionnaire was sent to the inhabitants and the personnel.

  4. September 2021

    In September, the results of the work made on the strategy scenario and the results of the survey as well as other timely megatrends and studies were presented online (due to the Covid-19 restrictions).

  5. November 2021

    The council had 2,5 strategy days while the officials and the steering committee continued their work on the strategy.

  6. December 2021

    The city council continued to process the strategy.

  7. January 2022

    A workshop held in January resulted in the steering committee finishing the strategy, and presented the strategy to the City Board and the City Council.

  8. February 2022

    The City Council accepted the strategy on 14 February 2022.

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