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City strategy

Vaasa is a Nordic Energy Capital, whose main strategic goals are:

  • 100 000 inhabitants
  • to be the happiest and safest city in Finland
  • to increase the number of available jobs
  • carbon neutrality 202X

The goals are implemented by theme programmes.

  • Happy and competent Vaasa
  • Attractive Vaasa
  • Climate neutral Vaasa 202X
  • Enablers
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Strategic process

The strategic process starts with involvement. The process involves elected representatives, leading officials of various industries and the members of the personnel alike. Continuous reacting and adaptation of work also belong to the strategic process.

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Strategy monitoring

The realisation and development of the strategy is being followed through the indicators/parameters and strategic measures listed below. The achievement of the goals and the development of the measures is reported twice a year in connection to the interim financial reports and the financial statement.

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Strategic theme programmes

Theme programmes are a important part of implementation of strategy. The cross-administrative theme programmes compile and describe the central measures to implement the strategic steps, explicating on the related responsibilities, schedules, and indicators.

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Goals of sustainable development

The goals are promoted through the city’s strategy and its strategic theme programmes. The steering groups have assigned theme-specific sustainable development goals for each theme programme.

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