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Sustainable development goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • All United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015. The agenda guides the promotion of sustainable development over the period 2016–2030. The goals for sustainable development aim at ending extreme poverty and securing sustainable wellbeing.
  • The goals of UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development are to end extreme poverty and to reach sustainable development where the environment, economic growth, and human wellbeing are considered with equal care.
  • Sustainable development is not only an environmental issue, but all its subdivisions – the economic, cultural, and social – are important.

In total there are 17 sustainable development goals (SDG):

all 17 sustainable development goalsThe steering groups of the theme programmes have chosen the key sustainable development goals for their respective thematic programmes. The goals also include 200 sub-goals that function as indicators and parameters. The goals and indicators/parameters chosen for the theme programmes are listed below.

A happy and competent Vaasa

good health and well-being, quality education, reduced inequalities

Chosen indicators for monitoring

3: Good health and well-being: 

  • Difficulties in talking to parents 
  • Anxiety of young people 
  • Physical exercise promotion policy 
  • Health and welfare coefficient 
  • Children placed in care or emergency placement 
  • Weak physical functioning of children 
  • Weak physical functioning of young people 

4: Quality education:

  • Publicly paid early childhood education attendance rate 
  • Educational level index 
  • Pupils regularly being bullied 

10: Reduced inequalities:

  • Gini coefficient 
  • Life satisfaction of young people 
  • Youth unemployment 

Attractive Vaasa

Sustainable development goals for attractive Vaasa: 9, 11 and 17

Chosen indicators for monitoring

9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure:

  • New businesses  
  • Investments in research and development 

11: Sustainable cities and communities:

  • Grocery store attainability 
  • Degree of urbanization 
  • Urban population density 
  • Nationally significant man-made cultural environments 
  • Public transport viability 

Climate neutral Vaasa 202X

Sustainable development goals for climate neutral Vaasa: 7, 11, 13 and 15

Chosen indicators for monitoring

7: Affordable and clean energy:

  • District heating prices 
  • Electricity consumption of service and construction sectors 
  • Renewable electricity capacity 

11: Sustainable cities and communities:

  • Biogas filling stations 
  • Air quality (NO2) 
  • Electric vehicle charging points 
  • Alternative fuel type car stock 

13: Climate action:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions per capita (CO2-report) 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions for residential sector 

15: Life on land:

  • Carbon stock of forest biomass 
  • Carbon stock of forest soils 
  • Forest growth.  

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