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Vocational Training

Vocational training is aimed at both young people and adults at different stages of life.

Are you missing a secondary education diploma, looking to change careers, or maybe you want to update or improve your skills? Then vocational training might be for you! In Vaasa, vocational education is provided by Vamia and Yrkesakademin i Österbotten. Explore the study opportunities on the institutions’ own websites!

You can complete a vocational qualification at different levels depending on your previous skills and work experience: as a vocational basic qualification, a vocational or specialist vocational qualification. Additionally, you can also complete parts of certain qualifications, if that is what you need.

Joint application and continuous application

You can apply for vocational training throughout the year through continuous application. If you are applying for vocational basic education straight from comprehensive school or upper secondary school, you primarily apply through the joint application process. Applications for professional qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications are always made through continuous application.

You can also complete basic, vocational, or specialist vocational qualifications or parts of qualifications as labour force training. Vocational labour force training is primarily intended for unemployed or adults at risk of unemployment who have completed their compulsory education. These students are selected by TE Services.