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Artist meet-up at Malakta

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Meet fellow artists, familiarise yourself with Malakta's activities and spaces and make new contacts.

saturday 20 April 13-15.30 pm

Do you, as an artist, feel that you sometimes lack a context?

Do you want to meet other artists in different art fields (visual arts, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature, music, etc.), find new collaborations, brainstorm ideas or do you just long to meet other like-minded people and talk over a cup of coffee in a creative environment?

Then this meeting is something for you.

– Coffee & welcome
– Idea workshop 13:00-15:30
– Free time together and the opportunity to buy a salty snack
– Figure drawing class 16:00-18:30 (costs €5)

In the idea workshop, you have the opportunity to get feedback on something you are working on or get inspiration from other people’s thoughts and questions. We work in small groups in a safe and supportive environment.

If you want to get feedback on an idea, please let us know in advance so we can plan the arrangement. Also prepare by thinking of one or two central questions or problems you want answers to (Like Would you come to my event? Do you have suggestions for partners? To achieve the goals, what do I need to think about?).

Don’t have an idea you want feedback on? No worries, you can still come and soak up inspiration and best-practice advice. Then you have an important role to listen and give feedback.

Afterwards, we also have time for coffee or tea and to just hang out and talk.

The artist meeting is free.

!!! Please register for the artist meeting before 18 April, to !!!

Other activities at Malakta this day:
– Figure drawing class 16.00-18.30 with a live model led by Valentina Gelain and Bekim Hasaj.

The course is open to the public as an Art Saturday-event, but the participants in the artists’ meeting have priority if you register before 6.4. The workshop costs €5/person.