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Article categories: Museums & Folklore

Mural reveal and live Music performance

Outdoor event

15:15-15:45 welcome & artist talks
16:00-16:40 concert

You are warmly invited to spend an autumn afternoon of arts, good company and warm treats in the open air, surrounded by the rural scenery of Övermark.

The site-specific mural ‘Awake’ by artists Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain will be presented, which engaged them to paint a barn built in 1947 in a field along the main road during spring-summer 2023, coating it entirely in colour and giving new life and purpose!
The art piece inaugurates the Black Box Genesis project of developing public art in rural areas of the Ostrobothnia region (D.P.A.R.A.). Creating a better understanding of the benefits, know-how, and development of the different public art forms in peripheral and sparely populated contexts.

The pilot involved a multi-disciplinary collaboration with a sound artist to create music following the same framework and concept of the initiative, to be enjoyed while contemplating and immersing oneself in the art and the surrounding landscape.
The musician Michele Uccheddu not only created the evocative piece ‘Under’, but worked on the ‘Awake Aqua’ collection consisting of five tracks, including the one in question that will open the concert on Sunday, closed to the painted barn… right in the field!

In addition, the Övermark Byaråd association and local people will arrange a fantastic bonfire and ‘coffee corner’, where you can warm up and have snacks and hot drinks.
We recommend dressing comfortably and wearing shoes suitable for mud… and for locals to come by bike, as there is no specific parking area available, thank you.

We look forward to seeing you… Welcome!

The 360° mural ´Awake´ represents an abstraction of the surrounding landscape in a multilevel of underground soil, sightseen of trees and forest, and a dynamically shaped sky created by geometric lines. Three zoomorphic figures are designed under the ´soil´ level of this abstract landscape which symbolizes the growing seeds, ´Awakening´ from the winter season, reborn, rise in a metaphorical expression that finds application in many different social contexts of our life. Both, the zoomorphic figures creation and the abstract color-shape play, have been inspired by the location where the artwork was planned to be implemented. The combination of the two artists’ singular style and practice is brought further and developed toward a unique art piece.

Michele’s research, focused on the element of water, will dialogue with the site-specific mural ‘Awake’ and intertwine with its topics and the surroundings. Encompassing post-techno & hypnotic and through the combination and synthesis of electronic elements and digital manipulation, the musical composition will develop by recalling the various phases of water, perpetual changes that always lead the element to transform its state. Exploring the inescapable relationship that binds life to water and the strong symbolism we have attributed to it throughout our existence.

Event by Black Box Genesis in collaboration with O3SIDIAN aka Michele Uccheddu & the contribution of Övermark Byaråd.

Many thanks to Magdalena Lindroos (location manager) and Patrik & Lilli Groop(barn owner) / The project and event are supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet & Närpes stad – Närpiön kaupunki.

Michele Uccheddu’s live performance is also supported by Svenska Kulturfonden & Konstsamfundet.