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Eat Out 2024

Article categories: Auctions & Market Days

The Eat Out restaurant event is coming back to Jakobstad and Kokkola.

In the Kokkola and Jakobstad region, we have around 150 restaurants and cafés that invite both residents and tourists to enjoy good food and drinks, a pleasant atmosphere, and relaxing summer days! This year, we especially want to highlight excellent service and delicious food.

During the campaign, two competitions will be held: the Best Service Competition and the Best Dish Competition. All restaurants and cafés in the area are automatically included in the Best Service Competition. Seventeen restaurants and cafés have registered for the Best Dish Competition, showcasing a variety of delicious dishes. The best dish of the year will be chosen from these dishes by a jury and a public vote, which will be held online during the campaign.

The restaurants and cafés participating in the Best Dish Competition will be announced on the website, as well as on and

Follow these pages!

You can vote for the best dish and the best service during the campaign period from June 3rd to June 9th at

In short: go eat at a restaurant, have coffee at a café, try the dishes competing in the Best Dish Competition, and vote for your favorite restaurant or café in the Best Service and Best Dish Competitions from June 3rd to June 9th. Everyone who votes will be entered into a raffle to win a restaurant gift card!