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The Happiest City in the World Game

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Help the residents of Vaasa be happy by playing an online game, and you may win a gift card!

At the beginning of the summer, Vaasa residents can participate in the development of their own and others’ well-being by playing an online game about happiness and well-being. Signs scattered around the city encourage you to participate in the game, helping the characters in the game become happier. Every player will be rewarded!

The player’s task is to make Vaasa the happiest city in the world by helping ten unhappy people. In the game you talk to different characters and help them with different problems. The game can be played in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The game is started by scanning the QR code on signs around the city or directly at The online version of the game and the location of the game signs can be found at

Everyone who completes the game receives either a ticket to the swimming pool or free entry to the Vaasa city museums as a reward, depending on which one they want. In addition, 3 gift cards for the K-chain worth 200 euros will be drawn among all participants.

We hope that the game is a pleasant experience for every player and we encourage, for example, families to meet the game’s characters on walks or on the way to the playground.

The game is part of the city of Vaasa’s welfare plan development. In the game, the player anonymously answers questions about their own well-being. Residents’ answers about their own well-being are needed to help in the work of developing the city’s welfare plan.