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Lapsia koulussa

Support for schooling

Support for learning and schooling reinforces education, healthy growth and development, so that the basic education can be completed.

Every student has the right to receive guidance and support in their learning and schooling immediately when the need arises. The student’s teacher assesses the need for support in collaboration with student welfare services and the child’s guardian(s). Support will be provided for as long as necessary and at the right level.

Examples of forms of support are:

  • cooperation between the home and the school
  • tutoring
  • differentiated learning
  • part-time special education
  • student guidance
  • student support
  • assistant services
  • special aids

The support received by the student must be flexible, long-term, and adapted according to the need for support. The forms of support should be used individually or simultaneously to complement each other.

General support

General support for every student is a natural part of all education and teaching. The role of the support is to assist the student so that the goals of the teaching can be achieved.

Intensified support

Intensified support is a more continuous, systematic and individual support for the pupil’s learning and schooling, which is implemented in situations where general support is not enough. The introduction of intensified support is dealt with on the basis of a professional pedagogical assessment. Intensified support is provided to the pupil in accordance with a learning plan to be drawn up.

Special support

If the intensified support given to the pupil is not enough to help the pupil cope with their schoolwork, then an administrative decision will be made for the pupil to receive special support. A personal education plan shall then be prepared for the pupil. The plan should show how the teaching and other support should be arranged for the pupil according to the decision.

In addition to special support in the pupil’s education, the pupil may need, for example, comprehensive pupil care support, rehabilitation or other individual support. The importance of the guardian(s) support, professional cooperation and individual supervision is emphasised.



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