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Equality and non-discrimination

Our objective in equality and non-discrimination activities is to make the City of Vaasa a more equal and non-discriminatory place to reside, live and to work in.

The aim of our work in equality and non-discrimination is to prevent discrimination faced by municipal citizens and city personnel alike. We aim to increase awareness in matters of equality and non-discrimination issues, and to develop the abilities of our personnel and services so that diversity is accepted and able to be taken into consideration in all operations of the City of Vaasa.

Non-discrimination means that all people are treated equally, regardless of age, origin, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or any other personal factor.  Equality means that all people are treated equally regardless of gender, and no one is discriminated against because of gender, gender identity or gender expression.

Equality plan

More information about the gender equality and equal treatment program in Vaasa can be found from this equality plan (available only in Finnish and Swedish).

Vaasan tasa-arvo- ja yhdenvertaisuussuunnitelma 2022-2024