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Kuula-opiston orkesteri

Kuula-opisto events - concerts and performances

Kuula-opisto arranges student concerts throughout the year. The concerts are mainly free, welcome!


Concert to the memory of Alexei Meidzof
Markku Jokinen, violin & Timo Jaatinen, piano
Sat 25.2. at 15
Toivo Kuula-hall

Students concert
Tue 7.3. at 19
Toivo Kuula-hall

The Masterclass conserts in Laihia
Mon 13.3. at 18:30
Laihian seurakuntasali

The Evening of the Rhythmmusic  bands
Thu 16.3. at 19:00
Toivo Kuula-hall

Follow your heart
The guitarprofessor of Copenhagen is cencerting
Jesper Sivebæk, guitar
Fri 17.3. at 17:00
Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari
Sat 18.3. at 17:00
Toivo Kuula-hall

The cirkusparty of the musicplayschool
Sat 25.3. at9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00 & 15:30
Toivo Kuula-hall

The small pianists are playing
Tue 28.3. at 18:30
Toivo Kuula-hall

Students concert i Laihia 
Wed 29.3. at 18:30
Laihian seurakuntasali

A fanfare to the spring 
Violin- and cellostudents concert
Fri 31.3. at 17:15
Toivo Kuula-hall



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