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The Lost Gardens

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Remnants of a stone wall in Seurahuoneenpuisto Park. Photo Hanna Kalliomaa 2009.

The Lost Gardens are situated on the northeastern side of the Mustasaari Church, between residential areas along the Postikatu, Adelkrantzinkuja, and Itäinen Aitakatu streets. As the name implies, the gardens originally located in the area before the fire have since disappeared. Nowadays, the area is dominated by expansive grassy fields and meadow forest. Access to the area is challenging, as there are no significant trails ensuring a safe and reliable route. The lowest points of the landscape structure are also often flooded during spring.

In the first half of the 19th century, the Seurahuoneenpuisto Park and a well room were located in the northern part of the meadow. Located in the middle region of the meadow were the garden plot of the poor house, and the gardens of the chief judge Roschier and the president of the Crown Court. All that remains of these gardens today are memories, however crumbled stone walls and fences, an overgrown round pond and random wild garden plants attest to the former locations of these gardens.

The area is more easily accessible during spring before vegetation has grown too high. Stone walls are also more easily identifiable in this season when vegetation cover is low. During summer there is opportunity to see remaining cultural plants such as damask violet, Jacob’s ladder, roses and willowleaf meadowsweet. The two old lime trees at the edge of the parking lot by the Mustasaari Church, probably once indicating the entrance to the garden of the president of the Crown Court, are most easily discernible during autumn.

The pair of lime trees indicated the entrance to the garden of the president of the Crown Court. Photo Hanna Kalliomaa 2009.