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The Station Park

The elm tree alley of the Station Park. Photo Christine Bonn 2004.

The Station Park is situated behind the ruin and park grounds, alongside the railway tracks which are still in use. The station itself is no longer in service. However, a collection of original buildings and plant life still remain, however a large quantity has disappeared or been destroyed. The lush, shadowy surroundings nevertheless create a pleasant atmosphere with grassy gardens and magnificent tree alleys generating a nature aesthetic.

The head gardener of the State Railway, Johan Konrad Kornman, designed this park in 1909. His plan was realized through planting rare types of trees and decorative bushes. Landscape elements from his original landscape design still remain today, such as the elm tree avenue intersecting through the area, remnants of the lime tree row alongside the railway, an assortment of species specific decorative bushes, the old apple trees and currant bushes. The station building, erected in 1908, was fire damaged and as a result was demolished in 2000.

Much of the original vegetation has been preserved and various species of original trees, decorative bushes and perennial plants can still be found within the park. The most stunning landscape marvels are the elm-tree alley and rows of lime-trees, which can be enjoyed all year round. The trees, bushes and plants can also be enjoyed during the whole growth season.

Apple harvest in the Station Park. In the background is a residential building. Photo Christine Bonn 2004.