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Suvilahti housing fair area

The housing fair was held in Vaasa in 2008 and 20 detached houses, 28 company-led houses, and three blocks of flats were built. The detached houses of Liito-oravankatu vary in style and colour.

The area of detached houses of Liito-oravankatu and the two islands acting as greenspace, for instance, are made on earth filling. The islands are made from the leftover soil from the building of the area. The themes of the fair were homes for everyone and sustainability. The main goal was to build a diverse area in scale and style near the 40-year-old suburb of Suvilahti. In the cold district heating system, the heat to the heat pumps of the houses comes from the seafloor, and electricity is produced with bioenergy from the old landfill of Suvilahti.