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Herb-rich forest in Suvilahti. Photo Jan Nyman.

Suvilahti is located approximately five kilometers southeast of the city centre, in the coastal zone of the landscape structure. It is surrounded by the sea and borders the Suvilahti residential area in the north. The Vanha Vaasa Canal divides the area in two. Due to the land uplift, skerries and islets continue to rise from the sea. The environment consists of shallow sea bays, partially overgrown with reeds, and lush deciduous and mixed-type forest. The aspen trees in the area are important to the flying squirrel and old garden plants, such as Hungarian lilac, growing in areas where summer cottages had previously occupied.

Over 70 species of birds have been observed nesting in the area. Existing woodland birds include the chiffchaff, garden warbler, willow warbler and lesser spotted woodpecker. Various species of shorebirds also inhabit the area. Along the shoreline one can observe the great crested grebe, mallard, wigeon and northern shoveler. Among the gull species dwelling in the area, the European herring gull and common gull inhabit the islets off the coast. Over the past few summers, the graylag goose, whooper swan and great cormorant have also been sighted.

The edges of the sea bays are in some places lined with reeds, offering protection for waterfowl and sparrows at the waterfront. Gulls and terns commonly observed on the islets and skerries created by the land uplift. In addition to the regular woodland birds, rarer species such as the thrush nightingale, wood warbler and icterine warbler also nest in the forests along the shoreline.

Suvilahti waterfronts are suitable for visitors from early spring to September. The most stunning bird concerts can be heard between April and June, during the early morning hours from 5am onwards. This natural marvel of bird hymn offers the most rewarding, ambience rich experience for bird watchers. During winters with good ice conditions one can walk or cross country ski on the ice outside Suvilahti. The city of Vaasa builds and maintains ski trails on the Eteläinen Kaupunkiselkä bay and Suvilahti is an excellent starting point.

Bridge to Lammassaari. Photo Christine Bonn.