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Black Woodpecker

Dryocopus martius

Black woodpecker at nesting hole. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The black woodpecker can be found throughout Finland, except for the extremely northern areas of Lapland. It is characteristic for old growth forests. It occurs evenly, albeit in low numbers, across the whole distribution area. During the past few decades the black woodpecker has started nesting closer to human settlements. The black woodpecker is a protected species under the European Union bird directive.

  • Length 53 cm
  • Excavates a perpendicular nesting cavity, usually in a pine or aspen tree
  • Sedentary species. Young individuals can in various degree be found migrating
  • Feeds on various types of insects, such as tree-living insects

Habitat. The black woodpecker prefers old growth forests as habitat. It thrives in mixed- type forests,old growth pine stands and groves.

Distribution in Vaasa. Observations indicating nesting black woodpeckers were made in a total of 80 survey blocks. As the territory of this species is generally large, the actual number of nesting pairs can be considered lower. In Vaasa, the black woodpecker can mainly be found in vast uniform forest areas. Distribution map is not published due to species protection reasons.