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Common raven

Corvus corax

The raven population in Finland has increased during recent years. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The common raven has spread across the entire country. It tends to avoid densely built areas but may at times be found nesting in proximity to them. The nesting population has during recent years experienced a slight increase.

  • Length about 70 cm
  • Nests in trees or on the ledge of a cliff
  • Sedentary species
  • Feeds on carrion, moles, insects, worms, fish

Habitat. The common raven nests in expansive forest areas away from human settlements. Nests found in Vaasa have been located deep in coniferous forests. The nest is built high up, commonly in a pine or spruce tree and may be used for several successive years.

Distribution in Vaasa. During field work conducted during March-June, ravens were observed in about 50 locations. However, reliability was hampered due to the raven’s vast territories. It may search for food for their young tens of kilometers away from the nest, thus the same bird is likely to be observed over several survey blocks. Furthermore, like other corvids, some are likely non-territorial juvenile birds wandering around over vast areas during summer. In Vaasa, the common raven is usually observed during nesting season in vast forest areas around the Pilvilampi lake, in Öjen or Utterö. Courting rituals take place from February to March and includes skillful aerial acrobatics and loudly claiming their territories.