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Eurasian Bullfinch

Pyrrhula pyrrhula

The Eurasian bullfinch feeds on seeds and berries but the nestlings are fed mainly insects. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. In Finland, the Eurasian bullfinch is a passerine, commonly found at bird feeding tables. It remains out of sight during the summer months and is difficult to spot. It nests most regularly in coniferous forests far away from human settlements. The nesting population has during recent decades increased as much as +72%.

  • Length 18 cm
  • Nests in young spruce trees or shrubbery
  • Some of the Eurasian bullfinches migrate to southern Scandinavia, while others spend the winter in Finland
  • Feeds on insects during the summer, and berries, seeds and buds during the rest of the year

Habitat. The Eurasian bullfinch prefers the environment of coniferous forest areas. There should also be a lower layer of young spruce trees or junipers, where the bullfinch can build its nest. It can occasionally be found nesting even in more lush forest areas, such as Vaskiluoto and Onkilahti. It can be spotted with greatest probability during the summer in the recreational areas near Öjen and Pilvilampi.

Distribution in Vaasa. The Eurasian bullfinch is evenly distributed in Vaasa’s forests but is not plentiful anywhere. During nesting season, it was observed in about 130 survey blocks. It is primarily a mainland species, which is only observed occasionally in the archipelago and is completely absent from the outer archipelago.