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Mistle Thrush

Turdus viscivorus

Mistle thrush during migration in April. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The mistle thrush, the largest of  local Finnish thrushes, is a wary and watchful bird. Small populations of this species nest throughout Finland with exception for the most northern parts of Lapland. The song of the mistle thrush is quite similar the common blackbird, in the tune of a fluty, beautiful phrase.

  • Length 28 cm
  • The sizeable nest is located in a fork of a tree branch, juniper bush or tree stump. The nest is made from twigs and branches, moss, lichen and mud and is lined with leaves or straw.
  • Winters in the Middle East Central- or southern Europe
  • Feeds on insects, earth worms, berries and fruit

Habitat. The mistle thrush nests in forests, mainly pine dominated mixed type forests, characterized by farm fields and small glades. The tree population and shrubbery is sparse in a typical nesting area of this species.

Distribution in Vaasa. Observations indicating nesting mistle thrush were made in 15 survey blocks. The city centre and archipelago are not suitable habitats for this bird. The majority of observations were recorded in woodland areas, nearby built up areas.