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Common linnet

Carduelis cannabina

The male linnet has a brown back and red breast. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. Relatively rare in Finland, the linnet is a bird in the finch family, inhabiting cultural landscapes and farmlands. The northernmost boundary of its regular distribution stretches as far north as Oulu. It is, however, mainly concentrated in the south of the country.

  • Length 14 cm
  • Builds its nest in a tree or bush
  • Feeds on seeds and insects
  • Migrates to western- and south western Europe for winter

Habitat. The linnet thrives predominately in open areas. Habitats include various marginal lands and disturbed soil areas as well as industrial warehouse areas. In urban environments the linnet nests in and around parks and cemeteries.

Distribution in Vaasa. The linnet is a regular nesting bird in the Kvarken region and was observed in about 60 survey blocks. It is most likely to be observed around the Onkilahti lake, the old landfill area in Suvilahti, in the fill areas in Metsäkallio and Höstves where fill dirt is placed and the expansive farmlands around the airport. Prime nesting areas can support multiple pairs of linnets in close proximity to each other.