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Common Wood Pigeon

Columba palumbus

Common wood pigeon. Photo Jan Nyman

General Information. The common wood pigeon is a relatively large dove. It is a plentiful species, dwelling predominantly in the southern and central regions of Finland. It is most easily spotted in April to May, during the breeding season.

  • Length 43 cm
  • Builds a sparse nest in the fork of a branch
  • Winters in western- and southwestern Europe
  • Feeds on grain, peas, seeds, leaves, berries, buds and other plant matter

Habitat. The common wood pigeon nests in forests. It prefers coniferous forests that have not been thinned, but also thrives in parks, gardens and even urban areas. The common wood pigeon prefers foraging in cultivations and bordering forests.

Distribution in Vaasa. Observations indicating nesting common wood pigeons in Vaasa were made in a total of 229 survey blocks. The species is remarkably plentiful in Vaasa and thrives in all types of forests, even in small, fringing forest areas located between human settlements. It is also an abundant nester in the archipelago.