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Garden Warbler

Sylvia borin

The garden warbler is a common nesting bird in Vaasa. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The garden warbler is an evenly colored, grayish brown passerine with no particularly distinguishing features. Because of this it is relatively foreign and unknown to most, despite being a very common and plentiful nesting species in Finland. Its song can be heard for a longer period than most bird species; from mid-May all the way into mid-July.

  • Length 15 cm
  • Nests in low bushes, junipers or spruce trees
  • Migratory species. Winters in Africa
  • Feeds on insects, spiders and berries

Habitat. The garden warbler is an undemanding species and thrives in all biotopes with lush field layers. Typical habitat environments are herb rich forests, edges of creeks and meadows, forest edges, thickets and wild-grown gardens.

Distribution in Vaasa. The garden warbler was among the most common nesting birds during the survey and was observed in about 220 survey blocks. The species can be found nesting both on the mainland and in the archipelago. It is, however, absent from Söderfjärden’s farmlands, as well as locally in the forests around Öjen and Pilvilampi.