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Common kestrel

Falco tinnunculus

A male common kestrel in flight. Photo Aaro Toivio.

General information. The common kestrel is nowadays a common nester in the plains of Ostrobothnia. However, this has not always been the case as the population dwindled during the 1970’s due to environmental changes. During the last few years, the number of common kestrels have increased and roughly 7000 pairs are estimated to nest in Finland annually.

  • Length 32-35 cm
  • Nests in open nesting boxes, abandoned crow or Eurasian magpie nests, occasionally in buildings
  • Winters in Southern Europe and Northern Africa
  • Feeds primarily on rodents and large insects, occasionally small birds

Habitat. The common kestrel is a bird inhabiting vast meadows and farmlands. In Northern Finland it can also be found nesting in mires and forest clearings.

Distribution in Vaasa. Common kestrel territories were found in about 25 locations. The greatest certainty for spotting this bird is in the farmlands in Söderfjärden and Runsor. The common kestrel can also be found nesting in the archipelago.