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Meadow pipit

Anthus pratensis

The meadow pipit is bird thriving in open plains. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. The meadow pipit is a common nesting bird in Finland. It is particularly plentiful in Northern Finland where it is found nesting in mires and other plains. The Meadow pipit is a migratory species, arriving in Finland during April. It is at that time a common sight in farmlands, meadows and in fields left in fallow, where it stops to rest and forage during migration. The meadow pipit is classified as a near threatened species according to Finland’s threat classification system.

  • Length around 14 cm
  • Nests on the ground under vegetation cover
  • Migrates to Central- and Southern Europe for winter
  • Feeds primarily on insects but also eats grain

Habitat. Fields, meadows, mires and clearings. In the archipelago it can be found nesting in meadows along the waterfront.

Distribution in Vaasa. The meadow pipit can be found nesting in Vaasa primarily in the vast farmlands in the south, near the airport and in Söderfjärden. In the archipelago it can be found nesting in Torgrund.