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Alauda arvensis

The skylark is a typical species for farmland environments. Photo Jouni Kannonlahti.

General information. The skylark, originally from the steppes in the east, is currently a fairly common nester in Finland. A survey conducted in Järvenpää from 2001 to 2003 indicated that the skylark has the 25th largest bird population in the area. The nesting population was increasing up until the 1970’s. The population decreased approximately 20% during the 1980’s, after which their numbers have maintained a relatively stable status.

  • Length 18 cm
  • Nests on the ground, usually in a field or open space
  • Winters in Central- and southern Europe
  • Feeds on insects, worms, spiders, seeds, buds etc.

Habitat. In Vaasa the skylark nests predominantly in farmlands and meadows. Since the species thrives in open areas, it can also be found nesting in waterfront meadows, backfill areas and moorlands.

Distribution in Vaasa. The skylark has been observed in Vaasa during the nesting season in approximately 60 survey blocks. Nesting sites are usually located in vast farmlands and meadows in Söderfjärden or by the airport in Runsor. The densest nesting populations were found in fields larger than 50 hectares.