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Sylvia communis

The whitethroat is a bird species typically found in barrens. Photo Jouni Kannonlahti.

General information. The whitethroat is a small, grayish brown passerine, nesting in open scrubland or brushwood. It is mainly concentrated in southern parts of Finland, where it is a plentiful nesting species.

  • Length 14 cm
  • Nest is located low in a bush
  • Migratory species. Winters in Africa
  • Feeds on insects, spiders, berries and fruit

Habitat. The whitethroat is a species inhabiting brushwood, roadsides and uncultivated meadows. Males display their jumping song flight, particularly during May to June. This usually occurs quite prominently in open terrain, making it easily spotted. It is increasingly wary while feeding its young. The presence of the whitethroat is best revealed by its scratchy warning call.

Distribution in Vaasa. The whitethroat was observed during the survey in a little more than 100 survey blocks. It nests mainly alongside human settlements, but can also be found in heaths with juniper bushes along the outer archipelago. It is absent from vast forest areas.