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Herb-rich heath forests

Herb-rich heath forests offer varied vegetation. Photo Jan Nyman.

The herb-rich heath forest is a lush, varied type of forest. In terms of fertility it lies somewhere between herb-rich – and mesic heath forests and you find spruce, birch, aspen trees and alder thriving alongside blueberry and common wood sorrel as well as many other plants. The varied birdlife in herb-rich heath forests includes wood warbler and song thrush.

Herb-rich heath forests are a relatively common nature type in Vaasa and often occur in smaller stands of mesic heath forests. In the Mustikkamaa-area you find the whole gamut ranging from herb-rich forests to herb-rich heath forests and mesic heath forests. Herb-rich heath forests can also be enjoyed along the Onkilahti waterfront. It is a nature type offering attractive scenery all year round, even despite bothersome mosquitoes during the summer months.