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Sub-xeric heath forests

Sub-xeric heath forests are found on slopes and in the highest points in the terrain. Photo Aaro Toivio.

Sub-xeric heath forests are, as the name implies, extremely dry. Red-stemmed feather moss grows alongside lingonberries and common cow-wheat. Juniper and pine trees dominate but the occasional birch tree can also be found. Sub-xeric heath forests are usually located in higher points in the terrain, along water dividers. Typical bird species inhabiting these areas are tree pipit, spotted flycatcher and mistle thrush.

Small areas of sub-xeric heath forests can be found in numerous places but larger, uniform areas are located primarily in Gerby and around Öjberget. For listening to bird song, the forests are best visited during spring and early summer when bird activity is at its peak. Lingonberries can be picked no earlier than September.