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Nurse and patient talking

Experiential expertise

A trained experiential expert is a person who has experience and knowledge of their own or a loved one's illness or challenging life situation..

Experiences and experiential information are shared in experience activities.

The role of the experiential expert is to increase the understanding and knowledge of professionals and students in various fields, as well as the general public. The experiential expert works mainly in relation to those who do not have similar personal experiences of a challenging life situation, disability or illness. The experiential expert always has training and national background support from the patient or disability organisation.

A better service system is created through shared expertise. By combining professional knowledge and experiences, services can be developed to be more effective and better suited to needs.

The experiential expert adds value to various situations, such as meetings, events and customer and patient situations, with experience information. An experiential expert can work, for example, as an evaluator or inspector of quality recommendations, in the planning and development of services, as a peer support team leader or peer facilitator, and as an interpreter between the client and staff.

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