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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble paying the rent. What can I do?

  • Contact the property owner and find out your options for making a payment plan. If your difficulties are repeated, you should think about whether your rent is too high in relation to your income or whether you have expenses that you can reduce.
  • You should contact a housing counsellor if you need help mapping out your situation and finding out about rent payment difficulties. A housing counsellor can also help you with other problems related to housing, such as questions related to finding an apartment. The sooner you contact us, the better the situation can be resolved.

I have no credit information, can I get an apartment?

  • You can apply for an apartment regardless of payment defaults. Failure to pay is not necessarily an obstacle to obtaining an apartment.
  • If the non-payment entry is for rent arrears, they should usually be taken care of in order to get a new apartment. Check your credit information to see if there are entries related to housing. You can check your credit information at Suomen Asiakastieto Oy ( or, if necessary, through an enforcement authority.

What do I do if I’m unemployed? How do I pay my rent?

  • Remember to register as an unemployed job seeker at the TE office if you become unemployed. You are probably entitled to an earnings-related unemployment allowance or Kela’s unemployment benefit.
  • You can also apply for a housing allowance from Kela and you can check whether you are entitled to income support (

I have no money for a rental security deposit, what can I do?

  • A person or a family on a low-income can apply for social assistance for a rental security deposit from Kela, if moving is necessary and the new apartment is reasonably priced. You can check the rent level that is considered reasonable on Kela’s website (
  • The rental security deposit is issued as a payment voucher and is not paid in cash to the account of the applicant or property owner. If you need financial support for a rental security deposit, apply for insurance in writing from Kela. A written rental offer must be attached to the application. Basic social assistance and rental security deposit


A property owner has terminated my rental agreement, what can I do?

  • You should submit apartment applications to several different property owners without delay.
  • If the reason for the termination is unpaid rent, make a repayment plan for debt collection to a national enforcement authority or to the property owner. Housing-related default entries make it significantly more difficult to get a new apartment.

What is a reasonable rent level?

  • Find an apartment that suits your ability to pay and your living circumstances; an overpriced apartment can lead to difficulties in paying the rent and thereby the threat of losing the apartment.
  • A reasonable rent level can be compared to the housing costs considered in the home municipality’s basic social assistance from Kela’s website.
  • If you are entitled to a housing allowance, you can check the reasonable rent level in your municipality on Kela’s website. Note; the housing expenses considered in the housing allowance differ from the housing expenses taken into account in the basic social assistance allowance.

I’m having a hard time finding an apartment to rent. How can I make my housing application be considered in a better way?

  • Make sure that you have not specified too many conditions in your housing application, e.g. in relation to the apartment or residential area to be applied for.
  • Obtaining an apartment can also be slowed down, for example, by previous rent arrears, notices of disturbance due to antisocial behaviour, or entries in credit information.
  • Be active in the apartment search yourself, after submitting the applications, ask the rental housing companies about the conditions of apartments on offer.
  • Housing counsellors cannot influence the choices rental housing companies make regarding tenants. Housing counsellors also do not write letters of reference.

A plumbing renovation is starting in my apartment. Where can I get a short-term rental apartment?

  • Find out about the possibility of a short-term apartment rental from different property owners. You can also apply for an apartment from different accommodation companies. Private individuals also rent apartments for fixed periods.

Is the service free of charge?

  • The service is free of charge.