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Housing consultation

Housing counsellors provide help and advice concerning rent arrears and evictions as well as various other housing-related problems. Housing counsellors are there to serve all residents, regardless of the type of housing. You can contact a housing counsellor by email or telephone. You can also visit a housing counsellor.

You can get help from a housing counsellor:

  • when you have rent arrears or rent payment problems
  • when you are facing eviction
  • when you need financial advice on housing
  • when you need guidance or counselling in different housing situations
  • when you are looking for a new home
  • when you have problems taking care of your home
  • when you have other housing-related challenges


The housing counsellor cooperates with local property owners and various authorities, as well as with other partners. The housing counsellor can be in contact with your property owner or the services you need, either together with you or with your permission.

It is important to start dealing with housing problems as early as possible. Your housing counsellor can be contacted at a low threshold. The aim of housing counselling is to ensure the continuation of housing.

Housing guide

Guide contains important topics and instructions related to housing. The guide is helpful when you are looking for an apartment. In the guide, you will also find information on who to contact in various housing-related matters and situations.

Housing guide (pdf)

Rental services in the Vaasa area

Starter pack 

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