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Mover's checklist

There are many different things to consider when moving. The mover’s checklist will help you remember the important things related to your move.

  • Make an address change notification through official channels no later than one week after the move. The earliest you can make the notification is one month before the moving day.
  • Arrange to forward your mail to the new address and notify any parties from whom you receive printed invoices of the new address.
  • Take out a home insurance policy or transfer your former home insurance policy to the new address.
  • Remember to apply in time if you are entitled to a housing allowance or a student housing allowance.
  • If you have children, find out how the move will affect school and daycare matters.
  • Inform the customer services department of any magazine subscription services you have about your new address.
  • Make sure you transfer your internet connection in time to avoid network disruptions.
  • Make a new electricity contract while terminating the old one.
  • Reserve a removal van or trailer in time.
  • If possible, find out the timeline for moving out so you can plan your own moving timetable.

When moving out

  • Make sure the apartment is in as good condition as it was when you moved in and that the smoke alarms are in working order.
  • If you have made changes to the apartment or something is broken, make the necessary repairs or agree on the repairs with the property manager.
  • Remember that the tenant is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of a residential apartment, unless otherwise agreed in the lease. Typical wear and tear is considered to be caused when attaching paintings and mirrors to walls and shading caused by furniture on the floor.
  • Clean the apartment and storage space properly.
  • Items abandoned during the move (e.g. furniture, car tires, etc.) may not be left at the property’s waste collection point.
  • Return all keys to the property manager. If all the keys have not been returned, the apartment’s locks must be serialised again at the resident’s cost. If your moving day is on the weekend, return at least one spare key the previous weekday or agree on this with the property manager.