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Huutoniemi, Asevelikylä, Purola, Teeriniemi, Melaniemi

According to local history, Huutoniemi (Shouting Peninsula) was so named because residents once had to shout for the ferry on the opposite shore. Asevelikylä (Brother-in-arms Village) is known for its war veterans’ houses and the Edvin’s Trail. In the Purola district, the way that both the new and old houses come together creates a neighbourhood that is full of character.


Asevelikylä (Vapenbrödrabyn)

Asevelikylä (Brother-in-arms village) began when the city was looking for a place where men returning from the war could build their own homes. A meeting was held at the Vaasa City Hall, chaired by Akseli Rodén, to establish the Vaasa Builders’ Association (Vaasan rakentajat ry), whose task was to help those returning.

Later, when most of the houses were completed, the Vaasa Builders’ Association changed its name to the Jukola Builders’ Association (Jukolan rakentajat ry) in 1951. This was made as a tribute to the Jukola brothers in Aleksis Kivi’s famous work Seven Brothers (1870); nearly all of the road names in Asevelikylä, except Kiemuratie, are named after the brothers.

The association focused on helping and advising residents who moved to the area. The last houses in the area were completed in 1956. Asevelikylä was voted City District of the Year in 2012, thanks to the community activities of the residents.

Purola (Bobäck)

Purola is one of the oldest residential areas in Vaasa, but newer settlements have also been built there in recent years. The area’s detailed plan dates from 1942. Purola was merged with Vaasa in 1935. The distance from Purola to the centre is about 3 kilometres. Opportunities for outdoor activities are good in Purola: Edvin’s Trail and Ämmänmäki, for example, are close at hand.

Teeriniemi (Orrnäs)

Teeriniemi is a residential area that was founded in the late 1970’s, consisting of detached houses, terraced houses and blocks of flats. Teeriniemi is about 4 kilometres from the city centre.

Teeriniemi has a sports hall and the area is located close to good outdoor activity areas such as Ämmänmäki.

Melaniemi (Melmo)

A special characteristic of Melaniemi is the Mustikkamaa forest area, where a variety of plants and habitats can be found. Rare plants can be found there as well as an old King’s Road and a nature / jogging trail. In the winter, a ski track is built on the trail.  Melaniemi’s many forest paths attract joggers and mountain bikers, for example, who come to enjoy the many refreshing forms of exercise that the area has to offer.

Melaniemi is a safe and peaceful residential area with several children’s playgrounds and a ballgame area, which is designed for ice skating in winter. The streets are mainly short cul-de-sacs, which reduces traffic and increases safety. These qualities make the area particularly suitable for families with children.

Many homeowners have especially praised the generous plot sizes, calmness and proximity to services the area has to offer.

In Melaniemi you can enjoy the tranquillity and a close proximity to nature.  The Mustikkamaa jogging trails and the playgrounds in east Melaniemi are a particular source of pleasure for the residents. In Kråklund there is also a golf course.

The Melaniemi Residents’ Association (Melaniemi-yhdistys ry) promotes the activities of Melaniemi residents and organises events in the area.