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A pedal car with little houses in the background.

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Actions for safety - participate in creating the Onkilahti Traffic Park!

Published: 9.8.2023

The much-awaited Onkilahti Traffic Park will open in autumn 2024. The aim is to make it Finland’s best traffic park together with businesses and residents in the area. Companies, associations, and communities can participate in the construction of the traffic park by contributing to the costs. Depending on the amount involved, the cooperation will be visible in the park either as a house or a pedal car named after the participant or as a name on a plaque and on the park's website.

Construction of the traffic park has been in full swing throughout the summer. The idea is to make the park a fun place for children and adults alike.

– In the traffic park, people move around either on pedal cars or on foot on a 640-metre-long track. The park has a roundabout, traffic lights, level crossings, even a petrol station and its own market square. During the winter, the traffic park is transformed into an illuminated skating rink, says green area horticulturist Leila Roininen.

LähiTapiola Pohjanmaa participates in the construction of the traffic park and the pump track to be built next to it as part of its wider development work on traffic safety in the Ostrobothnia region. The company thus challenges also other companies in the area to develop Onkilahti.

LähiTapiola’s donation of €100 000 is a significant contribution to the traffic park project and has made it possible, among other things, to obtain greater public funding.

– The Onkilahti traffic park with its pump track is a unique concept and we see great potential in it as part of the long-term development of traffic safety in our region. We hope that the park will inspire people to think about the ways in which everyone can contribute to traffic safety, says Joel Sunabacka, Managing Director of LähiTapiola Pohjanmaa.

Companies can express their interest using the form on the traffic park’s website. Participants will be collected by the City of Vaasa.

Residents will be invited to participate in volunteer days later on as the construction work progresses.