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Ambassadors visiting Vaasa 28-29 May

Published: 24.5.2019

Ambassadors and their spouses from 24 different countries will visit Vaasa on 28-29 May. The visit is a great honour for Vaasa, as well as being important for EnergyVaasa's international companies and foreign exports.

Every year, ambassadors working in Finland go on a joint trip organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to get to know a city in Finland. This year, the ambassadors will bring their spouses to Vaasa. Ambassadors also visited Vaasa in 2012.

-It is a great honour and a pleasure for us to see the ambassadors visiting Vaasa again. We are clearly recognised worldwide as being the most important centre of energy technology and know-how in the Nordic countries, and that companies in our region are important for Finnish exports, says Vaasa Mayor Tomas Häyry.

Ambassadors are coming from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Energy companies in Vaasa already have exports, business connections or projects in a number of participating countries.

The visit is hosted by State Secretary Matti Anttonen from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Two full days of events and experiences

During the visit, the ambassadors and their spouses will learn about the strengths and opportunities that the energy technology and know-how of the Vaasa region have to offer, as well as the education possibilities.

The visitors will discuss solutions to combat climate change through research and technology and familiarize themselves with education, businesses and the Kvarken World Heritage Site. In addition, young people from Vaasa are invited to discuss sustainable development with them. The visit also includes a visit to the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art.